What are the advantages of Med-linket's disposable products?

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Disposable SpO2 Sensor - Product Advantages

1. Disposable, used by single patient without cross infection;
2. High accuracy: evaluation of SpO2 accuracy by comparing arterial blood gas analyzers;
3. Good compatibility: it can be adapted to the mainstream brand monitor of the hospital, such as Nellcor,
Masimo, GE, Philips, Mindray, etc.;
4. Safety guarantee: latex free, good biocompatibility, free from biological hazard to skin.

Product Links:https://med-linket-corp.com/collections/disposable-spo2-sensors


 Disposable Temperature Probes - Product Advantages

1. Single patient use, no cross infection;
2. Use high-precision thermistor, clinical data accuracy:±0.1℃;
3. With a variety of suitable cable, compatible with most of monitors;
4. Superior insulation protection prevents electric shock risk, makes
it more safer; it also keeps the liquid form flowing into the junction
to ensure results correct;
5. Adhesive foam by biocompatibility evaluation can be fixed to measuring
position, no stimulation to skill and comfortable to wear. The reflector can
effectively insulate ambient temperature and radiant light.(Skin-surface);
6. Blue medical PVC tube with smooth and waterproof features; Round and
smooth jacket surface makes it non-invasive to be inserted and removed.

Product Links:https://med-linket-corp.com/collections/disposable-temperature-probes



Disposable NIBP Cuff - Product Advantages

1. For single patient only, avoiding cross infection;
2. Soft and comfortable. Low hazard to skin even if a long-term use;
3. Transparent design for observing the patient skin condition conveniently;
4. Easy to use. The index line for proper size and placement;
5. Latex free, DEHP free;
6. Good biocompatibility, free from biological hazard to skin.

Product Links:https://med-linket-corp.com/collections/disposable-nibp-cuff