Draeger Compatible ECG Trunk Cable - 3368391

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Product Specification:

Category ECG Lead Number 5
Connector Distal Rectangular, 16-pin Draeger Infinity Connector Connector Proximal Twin Pin Connector and Dual 7-Pin Connectors
Total Cable Length 8.2ft(2.5m) Patient Size Adult/Pediatric
Cable Material TPU Jacket Sterile No
Lead Color Coding AHA / IEC Resistance 1K Ohms
Packaging Unit 1   Packaging Type Anti-static packing bag 
Weight 0.4 lb Warranty 12 months since the date of purchase
Compliance FDA, CE, ANSI /AAMI EC53:2013, ISO10993-1, 5, 10, TUV, RoHS Compliant

OEM Part Number Cross References:

Manufacturer OEM Part #
Draeger 3368391, 5950192 (1.5 meter cable), 5950196
Sage T09-25M


Manufacturer Model
Draeger Infinity C500, Infinity C700, Infinity Delta, Infinity Delta XL, Infinity Gamma, Infinity Gamma X, Infinity Gamma XL, Infinity Kappa, Infinity Kappa XLT, Infinity Omega S, Infinity Vista, Infinity Vista XL, SC 6000, SC 7000, SC 9000