Pulse Oximeter, MED LINKET AM801 5 in 1 Oxygen Saturation Monitor Monitoring SpO2

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Marian Hauge
Convenient for use

I've been using it for a long time, I'm not disappointed

Maria A Perez
Simple and clear

Arrived as described

Not bad

The product looks reliable and is very easy to use. I haven't used it much (fortunately) but it seems to endure over time without any problem.

Useful oximeter

I used the product as an oximeter, very perfect in everything!!

Pietro Meschini
Finger pulse oximeter

Small, accurate and very easy to use. Small enough for tiny fingers and yet big enough for adults.


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  • Clinically Verified Medical Grade: The American Clinical Laboratory has verified the correctness and effectiveness of this blood saturation monitor for many years, MED LINKET goods SpO2 has been awarded the NHS offer from the UK countless times. It can analyze blood oxygen samples for more than 10,000 various skin colors and types of blood, and even give an exact measurement for adults and children (12 years of age and over). Even with a weak PI of 0.1%, it can correctly measure.
  • 5 in 1 Accurate Continuous Reading: This oxygen saturation monitor gives reliable continuous reading of blood oxygen level, body temperature, heart rate, perfusion index and plethysmograph in a non-invasive way, it is a good choice for you if you want to know your health condition better. Without the need for assistance from a medical professional, you can effortlessly benefit from the same clinically proven technology.
  • Body Temperature measurements: Body temperature is an early warning sign of infection. This blood pulse oximeter has an unique feature of monitoring your temperature.You can take accurate readings of your SpO2 and temperature using one gadget instead of two. A sensor probe is provided and it can be placed on the surface from where you want to measure temperature (like esophageal, rectal, armpit.) to take the readings to give you the most accurate and consistent temperature reading.
  • Over-limit reminder function:The pulse oxygen monitor features a reminder function to remind you or your family before the oxygen level,body temperature and heart rate becomes dangerously,with the detection and early recognition which gives you a good information to the emergency call center in time and prevent from suffering organ damage.This blood stats measuring device is suitable for reading from different angles, and the screen can adjust illumination to read the values at day and night.
  • Anti-shake function: With the use of Japan imported chips and an exclusive registered patent algorithm combina, you can now accurately take measurements under static and dynamic settings. Older adults with trembling hands, notably the population with Parkinson's, can measure SpO2, and also acquire precise detection information. You do not need to sit on the sofa for a long period to use this pulse oximeter to take measurements. When walking, you can also measure SpO2 using this oximeter.
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  • Click the link below to view the product manual.
  • MED LINKET AM-801 Temp-pulse Oximeter User Manual