Philips Compatible Direct-Connect SpO2 Sensor - M1191BL

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Debra William

There's no difference in quality compared to the Philips.

Kevin Cooley

Highly recommended. Works as well as the original.

Beatrice Lessard
Reliable products

No issues being compatible.

Product Specification:

Category SpO2 SpO2 Tech Nellcor OxiSmart
Connector Distal Philips 8-pin D-Shaped Male Connector Connector Proximal Adult Soft
Total Cable Length 10 ft (3 m) Patient Size Adult
Cable Material TPU Jacket Sterile No
Packaging Unit 1   Packaging Type Anti-static packing bag
Weight 0.4lb Warranty 12  months since the date of purchase
Compliance FDA, CE, ISO 80601-2-61:2011, ISO10993-1, 5, 10, TUV, RoHS Compliant

OEM Part Number Cross References:

Manufacturer OEM Part #
AMC PR-A900-1006V
Envitec R-2414-30, R-2414-30plus (Autoclavable)
Pacific Medical NSPH200
Philips M1191BL, M1191AL
Tenacore TP1503SP-10


Manufacturer Model
Goldway G40
Philips C1, C3, FM20, FM30, FM40, FM50, HP Viridia 24C, HeartStart MRx, IntelliVue MP5, M2705A, M3, M3001A, M3001A A01, M3001A A01C06, M3001A A01C12, M3001A A01C18, M4, MP 20, MP 30, MP 40, MP 50, MP 60, MP 70, MP 80, MP 90, Philips Heartstart defibrillator and IntelliVue, SureSigns VS2, SureSigns VS3, SureSigns VS4, VM4, VM6, VM8, Viridia 24C
Solaris NT2A, NT2C